Alaska is facing the biggest budget shortfall in state history this year. If we want to preserve Alaska’s economy and way of life for the future, we urgently need a balanced, long-term solution to our budget problems.

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Today, we face the biggest budget shortfall in state history – more than $3.5 billion out of a total state budget of $5 billion.*

For too long, Alaska has relied on oil to meet the needs of our state budget – 85 percent of Alaska’s state budget is funded by oil. This over-reliance on a single source of revenue leaves funding for essential public services at the mercy of oil’s boom and bust cycles.

Alaska needs a balanced, long-term solution to its budget problems. Spending cuts are necessary, oil tax credits should be refined, and we must diversify our state’s budget with additional revenue sources to put us on a path of long term fiscal sustainability.

We need a comprehensive approach that raises revenues, cuts some programs, maintains important public services, and reduces our over-reliance on oil to fund state services.

Otherwise, we’re just going to keep facing the same problems over and over again in the future.

*Unrestricted General Fund expenditures in the operating budget


Rasmuson Foundation has one mission and that is to improve the quality of life in Alaska. Over the past 60 years we have invested $300 million for the betterment of Alaskans, and believe that if the Governor and legislature do not develop a comprehensive fiscal plan this year, much of the progress we as a state have made is in jeopardy.

Rasmuson Foundation has launched a statewide campaign to talk with Alaskans, to share facts and options and to explain the urgency of acting now. We hope this will energize a mandate from the public for elected officials to make the tough choices this year.

If we want to preserve Alaska for the future, we need a comprehensive, long-term solution to our budget problems.

Now is the time for Alaskans and our elected leaders to take action.








As part of Rasmuson Foundation’s commitment to talk with Alaskans about the state’s budget shortfall, the following events are opportunities for Alaskans to learn more about the urgent need for a comprehensive, long-term solution to our budget problems.



April 17

End of 2016 Legislative Session


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